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Otherwise known as "Bedford Jiggly Juggle Jam"



If you like juggling and circus stuff..

we are a bunch of folks who meet in Bedford (oddly enough) pretty much every week, to practice all kinds of juggling and circus type things.

We juggle, we play with poi, and staffs, and hula hoops, we balance things on our noses, and ride around on unicycles. We play with diabolos and devilsticks, and we've been known to contact juggle and well, you get the idea... if it's completely and utterly pointless, there's a pretty good chance that one or more of us wastes a fair amount of our time doing it.

You're welcome to join us if ...

It's open to anyone over 16, or you're welcome to bring your kids along if they're over 8 and they behave... and you don't mind if people drop things on them or run over them with unicycles AND you're playing too. It's not a creche. Adults are not expected to behave. It's a double standard we know, but being adults, we're biased.

And then we go down the pub...

Once we've finished throwing things at each other for the evening, we generally pop down the pub, and discuss the finer aspects of the universe... You don't have to come down the pub, and not everyone does ... but it is recomended by those that do. Although not to eight year olds.

You don't need to be able to juggle yet...

or any of the above to come along, you just have to want to learn. None of us were born being able to do any of this stuff either. Don't be embarrassed because you can't do it. You'll just be making us look good and we appreciate that. If you're that bad that you're making us look embarrassingly good - we'll teach you. If that sounds like your thing, then come along and meet us. A sense of humour is not compulsory, but it might help you put up with the rest of us.

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And you can hire some of us too

If you're looking to hire some professional entertainers or want someone to run circus workshops for you, it's also home to a few people who do that too.

If you want to know anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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